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> Spain to make some train journeys free from September

物价飙升 西班牙宣布9月起可免费坐火车


Public transport fares on state-owned service across Spain have already been slashed in half in response to rapidly rising energy and inflation rates. Now the government has announced further discounts. 为了应对能源价格飞涨和通胀率飙升,西班牙各地的国营公共交通价格已经下调了一半,而最近西班牙政府更是宣布了新的100%减价方案。

As of September, passengers will be able to travel across various trains operated by public train network Renfe for absolutely nothing.


Spain\'s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that multi-journey tickets for trains operated by the network\'s public services Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distance (equivalent to local and medium-distance journeys) are to be free of charge from Sept 1 until the end of the year.


Spain isn\'t the only European country that\'s taken measures to reduce public transport costs.


Last month, Germany launched a €9 unlimited monthly public transport ticket that can be used on local and regional transport across the country.


In late 2021, Austria introduced a heavily discounted "climate ticket" valid on all modes of public transport in the country, with the aim of encouraging people to leave their cars at home.


> Social media star inspires millions to forage food


[Screenshot/China Daily]

A young American woman has gone viral with videos of foraging in the wild. 近期,一位美国青年因分享野外觅食的视频在网络上蹿红。

Out of her love for nature, Alexis Nikole Nelson is keen on outdoor activities, searching for natural food ingredients in the wild, including mushrooms, seaweed, berries, flowers and leaves, and turning these humble plants into delicacies.


Nelson made the process into videos and shared them on the internet, where it has become a huge hit.


She currently has nearly 4 million followers on TikTok. Nelson received the James Beard Award in June for her social media account.

目前尼尔森在抖音海外版Tik Tok上有近4百万粉丝。

The James Beard Foundation, a nonprofit, credited Nelson with advancing American food culture and promoting a good food standard anchored in talent, equity and sustainability.


> 2022 Indian presidential election kicks off


Droupadi Murmu, a candidate for the ruling National Democratic Alliance, arrives at a meeting in Ahmedabad on Sunday ahead of India\'s presidential elections. AMIT DAVE/REUTERS

India\'s presidential election kicked off on Monday, with parliamentarians and state legislators choosing between the ruling National Democratic Alliance \'s Draupadi Murmu and opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha. Elected representatives from Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies across all the states will cast their votes to elect the country\'s 15th president. 印度的总统选举于18日拉开帷幕,议员和各邦议员在执政的全国民主联盟(NDA)的莫尔穆和反对党全国民主联盟推出的候选人辛哈之间做出选择。印度议会议员和印度各邦的立法会议员将投票选举该国的第15任总统。


According to the Election Commission of India, ballot counting will begin on July 21, and the new president will be sworn in on July 25.


Murmu, 64, from the Santhal tribe, has been nominated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for the largely ceremonial position.


If elected, she would be India\'s first tribal president and second female president.


Sinha has held the positions of the country\'s finance minister and external affairs minister.


> Rare binary star systems discovered


An illustration provided by the research team shows a binary star system.

An international team led by a Chinese astronomer announced that it has identified two new examples of rare binary star systems comprising two central stars orbiting each other through the universe. 一个由中国天文学家牵头的国际团队宣布,他们已经在宇宙中发现两个罕见的恒星系统。

The two systems, designated Bernhard-1 and Bernhard-2, are each surrounded by an unusual disk of gas and dust that lies at an angle to the orbits of the central stars, according to Zhu Wei of Tsinghua University, who leads the international team.


The findings were published in the astrophysics journal Letters.


The two binary star systems are located 3,000-10,000 light-years from Earth, and the discovery of the systems is of great importance to understanding planet formation, according to Zhu.


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